Quiz 17: Reading Comprehension

There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

    Answer the questions 1 – 5 according o the text below.

    Hi. My name is Mohammed. I am twelve years old and I’m from Casablanca in Morocco. I can speak three languages. Arabic, French and English. At home we always use Arabic language. My parents can speak French but they don’t know English language.

    I go to an international school and we speak French in class. We have got English lessons eight hours a week. My teacher, Adrien Caron, is very clever. He can speak six languages. Bu he can’t speak very good Arabic. Sometimes my best friend Ali can’t speak English and he uses Arabic. But Adrien teacher can’t understand anything.

  1. How many languages can Mohammed speak?

  2. Which language do they speak in class?

  3. Who is Adrien Caron?
    Mohammed’s friend
    Mohammed’s teacher
    Mohammed’s father
    Mohammed’s mother

  4. Who knows six languages?
    Mohammed’s father
    Mohammed’s mother
    Mohammad’s friend Ali
    Mohammed’s teacher

  5. Sometimes Ali speaks Arabic and the teacher can’t understand because ______________.
    he can speak six languages.
    he can understand Arabic.
    he can’t speak and understand Arabic.
    he is Turkish

  6. Answer the questions 6 – 10 according o the text below.

    My name is Emily. I am from London but I am in Samsun with my mum and Dad now. Samsun is a Turkish city. It is near the Black Sea and it is very beautiful city. My aunt lives here and we are here to visit her.

    My aunt’s name is Elizabeth. She is a teacher. She teaches English. She is married with a Turkish teacher. Her husband is a teacher too. They have got two children. Their names are Melissa and Nil. Melissa is thirteen and Nil is ten. They are students. They can speak two languages. Turkish and English.

    Samsun is a big city. There are a lot of parks and good places here. The Black Sea is wonderful. You can swim there in summer. Turkish food is very delicious. Kababs are my favourite. I also like Turkish meatball, doner and simit.

  7. Where is Emily now?
    She is in Samsun.
    She is in London.
    She is in England.
    She is in ─░stanbul.

  8. Who is Elizabeth?
    She is Emily’s mother.
    She is a Turkish teacher.
    She is Emily’s mother’s sister.
    She likes Samsun.

  9. Which one is not Emily’s favourite Turkish food?
    Turkish meatball

  10. Which one is not true according to the text?
    Emily’s aunt is a teacher.
    Emily has got two cousins in Samsun.
    There are a lot of good places in Samsun.
    You can’t swim in the Black Sea.

  11. Which one isn’t mentioned in the text?
    Elizabeth is married with a Turkish teacher.
    Elizabeth and her family live in Samsun.
    Elizabeth wants to go to London.
    Melissa and Nil are Elizabeth’s daughters.

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