Quiz: Present Continuous Tense

There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

  1. Alan: Hi Sam, What _______ you ___________?
    Sam: I am__________ my father in the garden.
    do / doing / help
    are / doing / helping
    are / do / help
    do / doing / helping

  2. Alan: What _________ your father ___________in the garden?
    Sam: He is _________ old trees.
    is / doing / cutting
    is / do / cutting
    does / doing / cuts
    are / doing / cut

  3. Alan: What ______ he ________ to cut the trees?
    Sam: He is _____________ a chainsaw.
    does / using / using
    is / using / uses
    does / use / uses
    is / using / using

  4. Alan: Isn’t it dangerous for you?
    Sam: I __________cutting the trees. I am __________ the brunches.
    am not / carry
    am not / carrying
    don’t / carrying
    not / carry

  5. Alan: Where is your sister?
    Sam: She is in her room. She _____________ English now.
    is studying
    is studies

  6. Alan: ______ your mother helping you?
    Sam: No, _____________.
    Is / she isn’t
    Are / she isn’t
    Do / she doesn’t
    Does / she doesn’t

  7. Alan: Where is your mother?
    Sam: My mother is in the kitchen. She is ____________ lunch.
    not cook

  8. Sam: What are you doing?
    Alan: Nothing much. I _____________ TV.
    am watch
    am watching
    am not watch

  9. Sam: Why _________you __________ for your English exam?
    Alan: I don’t need to study. I am good at English.
    are / study
    do / studying
    doesn’t / study
    aren’t / studying

  10. Sam: I need to hang up now. My father _________________me.
    Alan: OK. See you later. Bye
    is call
    is calling

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