Quiz: Past Simple Tense

There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

  1. I _________ football with my friends in the park yesterday. I _________ a lot of goals.
    play / score
    played / scored
    playing / scored
    playing / scoring

  2. I _________ some crisps at home this morning.
    was eat
    was ate

  3. My father _________ five kilometres in the park last week.
    was run

  4. There _________ a big football match in this stadium last night. I _________ it on TV.
    are / see
    be / saw
    was / saw
    were / was see

  5. I _________ swimming every Saturday but I _________ last Saturday because I _________ ill.
    go / didn’t go / was
    like / was go / am
    am interested in / was / became
    am not / start / were

  6. Some of my friends _________ a lot of questions to our new teacher.
    were asked

  7. _________ your brother go swimming last week?

  8. He _________ study enough for his English exam so he _________ just forty-five points.
    wasn’t / took
    didn’t / got
    isn’t / gets
    was / didn’t get

  9. A funny thing _________ to me this morning. I _________ my books into my father’s bag by mistake.
    happen / put
    was happen / put
    happening / was put
    happened / put

  10. There _________ a newspaper on the table in the kitchen but I _________ read it.
    were / wasn’t
    did / didn’t
    was / didn’t
    was / wasn’t

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