Quiz 10: Reading Comprehension

There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

    Answer the questions 1 – 5 according o the text below.

    Hello, My name is Nick and I am twelve years old. My family and I are from London but our hometown is Birmingham. My mother is a doctor. She works at a hospital in London. She has got a small car but she can’t drive it very well. My father has got a job at a school near our house. He is an English teacher. He has got two laptops but he can’t use them very often. Because he hasn’t got any time.

    I have got a sister and a brother. My sister is sixteen years old. Her name is Jessica. She is a student at a high school. Her hobby is singing. She likes singing and she always sings. My brother is four years old. His name is Kyle. Kyle has got a lot of toys. He is very clever but he can’t read yet. I like playing with him.

    We have got a big house in London. It has got a beautiful garden. It is big and very nice. I play there with Sam. Sam is my pet. It is a really smart dog because it can understand me.

  1. Which one is Nick’s hometown?
    a town

  2. Nick’___________ is not a doctor. He is a ___________.
    mother / doctor
    father / doctor
    father / teacher
    mother / teacher

  3. Who likes singing?
    Nick’s mother

  4. How many people are there in Nick’s family?

  5. Which one is false according to the text?
    Nick’s brother can’t read.
    Nick’s pet can understand him.
    Nick likes playing with his brother.
    Their house hasn’t got a garden.

  6. Answer the questions 6 – 10 according o the text below.

    My name is Laura and I come from England. I am twenty-eight years old. I have got green eyes and long brown hair. I live in a small town near London called Windsur.

    I haven’t got a job now, but normally I clean the windows of the shops. I am married. I live with my family in a nice house in Windsur. My husband’s name is Daniel and he is twenty-nine years old. He is blond and he has got long brown hair. He is a shopping assistant in a market near our house.

    We have got two children. Their names are Thomas and Eva. Thomas is six years old. He is blonde and very cool. He can read but he cannot write yet. Eva is three years old. She is very beautiful. She can speak and she likes playing with her toys. She can’t read and write because she is very small.

  7. What is Laura’s Job?
    Shopping assistant
    She works in a market.
    She hasn’t got a job.
    She is a doctor.

  8. Why can’t Eva Write?
    Because she can speak.
    Because she is very small.
    Because she is beautiful.
    Because her mother is not a teacher.

  9. Which one is true according to the text?
    Eva is Daniel’s sister.
    Laura is Daniel’s wife.
    Thomas is Eva’s cousin.
    Thomas and Eva are Daniel’s parents.

  10. Which one is false according to the text?
    Laura works in a shop.
    Daniel is twenty-nine years old.
    Thomas is a boy.
    Eva has got toys.

  11. Which one isn’t mentioned in the text.
    They live in Winsur.
    Laura has got green eyes.
    They haven’t got a car.
    Windsur is a town near London.

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