Quiz 11: Have got - Has got

There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

  1. Janey _________ blonde hair but she _________ blue eyes.
    has got / hasn’t got
    have got / haven’t got
    have got / hasn’t got
    hasn’t got / have got

  2. Emma is very quiet. She _________ any interesting hobby.
    has got
    hasn’t got

  3. I _________ three uncles. _________ names are Edd, Brian and Adam.
    has got / Them
    have got / Them
    have got / Their
    am / They

  4. John _________ dark hair and brown eyes.
    have got
    has got

  5. Their uncle _________ a car because he can’t drive.
    haven’t got
    have got
    has got
    hasn’t got

  6. ________ you _________ your own style?
    Are / got
    Has / got
    Have / got
    Can / got

  7. I __________ a new tracksuit for football practice.
    am have
    have got
    has got
    hasn’t got

  8. How many sisters ______________________?
    you have got
    are you have
    can you got
    have you got

  9. Paul and Helen _________ a big house.
    has got
    hasn’t got
    have got
    is got

  10. Adam: Who __________ dark hair in your classroom?
    Brian: Nick and Carol.
    has got
    has he got
    not has got
    got have

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