Quiz 25: Reading Comprehension (Present Simple)

There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

    Answer the questions 1 – 5 according o the text below

    My name is Clara. I am a student. I get up at 7.30 and I wash my face. I don’t have shower every morning. I have breakfast at 7.45 with my brother. He is also a student and he goes to school with me. We go to school at 8.15 by car. The lessons start at 8.30. We have got eight lessons every day. I have lunch at 12.30 with my classmates. After school, I go home with my brother. My brother always wants to play with me but I often feel tired and I don’t want to play. I watch TV about thirty minutes and then I do my homework. I always want to finish my homework before dinner. I like having dinner with my family.

    My brother usually doesn’t have much homework. He plays with his toys. He doesn’t like watching TV. He usually watches cartoons on my mother’s laptop.

    My favourite lesson is English. I learn a lot of new words in English lessons. I think it is very exciting to speak another language.

  1. How many lessons does Clara have a day?

  2. What does Clara do when she goes home after school?
    She reads books.
    She does sport.
    She plays with toys.
    She watches TV.

  3. Why doesn’t Clara want to play with her brother after school?
    She likes playing.
    She feels tired.
    Her brother is smart.
    Her brother is noisy.

  4. Which one is not true according to the text?
    Clara’s brother is a student.
    Clara has lunch with her classmates.
    Clara’s favourite lesson is English.
    Clara doesn’t like her brother.

  5. Which one is not mentioned in the text?
    Clara’s brother doesn’t like watching TV.
    Clara doesn’t have a shower every morning.
    Clara can speak three languages.
    Clara has lunch at 12.30

  6. Answer the questions 6 – 10 according o the text below.

    I am Ayhan. I am Turkish but English is an important language for me because I want to be a pilot. My father says pilots speak English when they use planes. I learn English in my school and it is fantastic. Our English teacher teaches us difficult things and he gives us much homework to study at home. But it is never boring. We learn new words every week and we do a lot of interesting activities in our English lessons. We usually speak English in our lessons. When I want to say something I speak English. It is a little hard but very good for me.
    After lessons we often do sports or watch films at school, and at weekends I sometimes go to interesting places with other students. I love my school and my friends.

  7. Why is English very important for Ayhan?
    Because he wants to be a pilot.
    Because he doesn’t like English.
    Because his father is English.
    Because he wants to go to America.

  8. Where does Ayhan learn English?
    At home.
    On TV.
    In school.
    On a plane.

  9. What does Ayhan usually do after lessons?
    He plays computer games.
    He does sports or watches films.
    He has a shower.
    He eats pizza.

  10. Which one is not true according to the text?
    Ayhan speak English in English lessons.
    Ayhan’s English teacher gives much homework.
    Ayhan wants to be a pilot.
    Ayhan doesn’t like English lessons.

  11. Which one isn’t mentioned in the text?
    Pilots speak English when they use planes.
    They do interesting activities in English lessons.
    Ayhan’s father is an engineer.
    They learn new words every week.

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